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George Sahely graduated from Melbourne University in 1988. After working as a clinician instructing students at the Victorian College of Optometry, he initially practised with an independent optometry group before working within a corporate environment. He moved to New Zealand and started his own practice which he operated for 7 years, before relocating back to Australia with his wife Suzanne in 2001, at which time they opened 20/20 Sight & Style.

George has post-graduate degrees in Behavioural Optometry and Therapeutics. He can therefore  prescribe medications for treatment of eye diseases, eye allergies, conjunctivitis and other eye conditions. In recent years, he has undertaken further training and now has considerable experience in Dry Eye diagnosis and Treatment, and Ortho-K (fitting contact lenses to reduce short-sightedness).

Trained in New Zealand and graduating in 1989 from Auckland University, Suzanne Sahely travelled to undertake extensive post-graduate training in the USA in Behavioural Optometry, before operating her own Practice in New Zealand for over 10 years. She was the first optometrist in New Zealand to gain her Behavioural Optometry degree. Her time in New Zealand also exposed her to developing her skills in the field of rigid gas permeable contact lens fitting, especially for Keratoconnus.

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