Specialty Services

As independent optometrists and owners of the practice, we have the professional freedom to spend more time on areas of optometry that are not always offered at corporate or “chain” optical outlets.

Both optometrists have undertaken extensive post-graduate training and gained further qualifications to ensure you will benefit from the most comprehensive eye care possible. Our additional training, qualifications and experience are in –

Behavioural Care 

With post-graduate degrees in this field, both our optometrists can test for, diagnose and treat-

  • Lazy eye
  • Childhood strabismus (turned eye)
  • Visually-related Learning Difficulties: maximising your vision to allow the best academic performance
  • Sports Vision: enabling enhancement of your visual skills for maximum achievement on the field
  • Post-stroke/Head injury Rehabilitation: relearning how to use your vision following head trauma
  • Vision Therapy: in-office services for remediation of any of the above

Advanced Contact Lens Care

aside from the “garden variety” contact lens prescribing, other skills extend into:

  • Rigid Gas-permeable Contact Lens Fitting (Suzanne Sahely)
  • Fitting lenses for Keratoconnus (Suzanne Sahely)
  • Ortho-Keratology – for long-term management of short-sightedness (George Sahely)

Therapeutic Care

George Sahely has post-graduate qualifications allowing him to prescribe medicated drops for cases of conjunctivitis, ocular allergies and  inflammation, as well as co-managing eye disease in conjunction with your Eye Specialist.


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