Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses have come a long way since the early days of the first truly “hard” contact lenses around eighty years ago. Now there are many options, both in lens materials, wearing times and costs. Even astigmatism can be readily catered for now with many lens types.

A comprehensive examination with us will identify what your suitability is for being able to wear Contact Lenses. We will-

  • determine your optical prescription, including catering for how the eyes work as a team
  • map the shape and contours of the surface of your cornea via the latest technology provided by our Corneal  Topographer to ensure the best fitting lens
  • carefully inspect your eye health to prevent potential complications
  • discuss your options as to the most appropriate Contact Lens for you

Disposable Lenses

Disposable Lenses come in many wearing options:

  • Daily Wear for occasional use.  Especially good for sport/social use and provide the ultimate in convenience as no cleaning or storing products required.
  • Fort-nightly/Monthy Wear for regular everyday use. The most cost effective option for those wanting to have Contact Lenses as a first choice option over glasses.
  • Extended Wear for people who want the simplicity of sleeping in their lenses overnight.

Not all optical prescriptions come in all lens types, however there will certainly be a lens available for enhancing your vision, whether it be Disposable Soft, Conventional Soft, Gas-permeable or Ortho-K lenses.

Fitting your contact lenses

Once your initial examination has been completed, the fitting process can begin. The fitting of lenses requires a trial whereby a pair of lenses is fitted and assessed by your optometrist.  If satisfactory,

  • a tuition will then proceed under the guidance of one of our clinical assistants. You can then take your first Contact Lenses home! These first lenses are free of charge.
  • a review around a week later is always booked with the optometrist to ensure the lenses are settling well, and to sort out any “teething problems”.
  • a final review around a month later will confirm your eye health is not being compromised by wearing Contacts.

Medicare may provide a rebate for these visits if your prescription falls within a certain range, though most commonly fees for fitting appointments are paid out-of-pocket. Contact Lenses themselves are claimable from your Health Fund, should you have extras cover.

Where to buy your contact Lenses from

Any custom-made lens will need to be supplied by your optometrist, as they are made specifically for your eyes requirements.

Disposable Contact Lenses may be held by us in stock in your prescription, so please ask if the ones you have been fitted with are in store. All the lenses we supply have a very long shelf life (well over a year, often two or more) and come with our professional full backing and guarantee over and above the standard manufacturers warranty.

Prices vary, and it is better value for money if you purchase multiple boxes. This gives you the best price with no risk: Should your prescription change before you use up the box of disposable lenses we supply, we will happily exchange that complete box for one in your new prescription at no charge*.

Also if there is a fault in any lens, it will be replaced free of charge – even single lenses.

*Boxes must be unopened and unmarked