Dry Eye Treatments

Advanced, scientifically-validated Treatment Options

There are many potential treatments for dry, irritated eyes aside from simple over-the-counter eye drops. These may include –


The most sophisticated Evaporative Dry Eye treatment available today. Lipflow precisely allows us to

  • direct controlled heat straight on to the Meibomian Glands, to melt the material blocking those glands and
  • apply pulsed pressure to unclog the glands, restoring the correct balance of oils in the tear film.




 IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Laser


The newest weapon against Dry Eye, IPL directs bursts of light at specific wavelengths to reduce inflammation around the eye & eliminate troublesome microbes. This stimulates improved Meibomian Gland function.



Particularly useful in managing anterior blepharitis (inflammation of the lids and lash margin), the BlephEx handpiece is used to precisely and carefully spin a medical-grade micro-sponge along the edge of the lids and lashes. This removes the built-up biofilm and debris, so giving relief from sore irritated eyes.