Ortho – K

Ortho – K

Also known as Ortho-keratology, this treatment involves the use of hard or rigid contact lenses (RGP’s) to mould the front surface of the eye (the cornea) into a different shape, which counteracts the effects of myopia.

Simply put, you sleep in RGP lenses overnight and in the morning you wake up, remove the lenses and you can see normally without the use of glasses or conventional contact lenses. Each night you repeat the process to maintain the changed corneal shape.  Ortho K is –

  • Simple –you sleep in contact lenses at night only, and use no lenses or glasses during the day
  • Safe – the lenses are made from a special material that allows the eye to breathe even when closed.
  • Reversible- it is not permanent like refractive eye surgery or LASIK. If you wish to cease wearing your Ortho-K lenses, your corneal shape will revert back and your vision will return to its original level.
  • A useful tool in controlling Myopia progression – because the shape of the eye is being altered and supported through use of the Ortho-K RGP’s, myopia does not tend to progress as rapidly or to the same degree.

Will I be suitable for Ortho-K?

An examination by one of our optometrists will identify if you are a good candidate for Ortho-K, however those most suitable are

  • Aged 8-55 years old
  • Those who have low to moderate short-sightedness and little or no astigmatism
  • Children or young adults who have myopia that continues to progress
  • Those who wish to do sports or activities that demand normal vision, without the hassles of traditional contact lenses drying, becoming uncomfortable over the day, or falling out

George Sahely is our resident Ortho-K expert, and a member of the Orthokeratology Society of Oceania (www.osa.net.au).  Please see their website if you wish to read more about this exciting advance in eyecare.

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