Frames and Lenses


We carry a wide range to suit all budgets, from no-gap glasses through to Designer names. All our off-the-shelf frames have a two-year manufacturers warranty (with Adidas, Nike, Lacoste and Hello Kitty an unconditional two year warranty), and our no-gap ranges, a one year warranty. See our Home Page to view some of the brands we currently stock. It is important to ensure the frame works with your prescription as well as your budget, fashion choice and comfort. Ask to see one of our Frame Consultants for advice on what will work best for your needs, next time you are in.


We pride ourselves in recommending the best available and most suitable lenses for you. Training and experience mean we know the differences between lens types, and how they may work best for your visual situation. Our aim is to help you understand the features and benefits of the different materials, features and uses. We proudly use and recommend Carl Zeiss lenses – these are found commercially in many mobile phones and technologically advanced cameras that are available today. Many of the coatings and treatments available now are far superior to those products previously used, especially anti-reflection coatings and self-tinting materials.

PhotoFusion® / Transition / Self-tinting lenses

Self-tinting lenses have been developed over the years to a far superior level to how they started. Now it is difficult to tell if a lens is Self-tinting or not in its indoor state – it is significantly clearer than before, with no more yellowing or brown colours. Outside, they change to approximately 80% darkness much faster than before, and the change back to clear is also quicker than the original materials. The only time Self-tinting will colour to only a partial tint (approx. 50%) is behind a car windscreen, due to UV light being blocked by the glass.


This is a revolutionary lens design that has been proven to reduce the progression of myopia. MyoVision™ by ZEISS is the world’s first single vision spectacle lenses proven to delay myopia progression by an average of 30% in some populations of children who have short-sighted parents, when compared to traditional spectacle lenses. MyoVision™ has been designed to provide sharp focus on the central retina, while managing peripheral blur on the retina through a unique lens design.

Anti-reflection Coatings

These anti-reflections coatings can be applied to many lens designs, whether they be single vision, occupational lenses, bifocal or multifocal. The newest designs such as DuraVision Platinum are 3 times tougher than before (making them comparable to glass in anti-scratch). There are also variations of these coatings that filter damaging blue light from your eye, such as Provencia. If you need your glasses for any situation where there are many different lights possibly reflecting off your glasses eg in an office, driving at night with oncoming headlights, these coatings can make a world of difference.

Lens Designs

You may have been recommended multifocals or even worn these lenses before. These allow the wearer to read normal print as well as see across the room or outside, unlike single vision reading glasses. The designs of these have advanced dramatically over recent years, and the multifocals we recommend as a first-choice fit are “Freeform”. They provide a wide reading area and more natural peripheral vision compared to traditional multifocals. Not all optical outlets will offer these, as they do cost a little more but offer far superior vision. So be aware there are differences, if you have been offered other products in the past.